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How we will see unregistered usersUah


You get this message because you are an admin on a Wikimedia wiki.

When someone edits a Wikimedia wiki without being logged in today, we show their IP address. As you may already know, we will not be able to do this in the future. This is a decision by the Wikimedia Foundation Legal department, because norms and regulations for privacy online have changed.

Instead of the IP we will show a masked identity. You as an admin will still be able to access the IP. There will also be a new user right for those who need to see the full IPs of unregistered users to fight vandalism, harassment and spam without being admins. Patrollers will also see part of the IP even without this user right. We are also working on better tools to help.

If you have not seen it before, you can read more on Meta. If you want to make sure you don’t miss technical changes on the Wikimedia wikis, you can subscribe to the weekly technical newsletter.

We have two suggested ways this identity could work. We would appreciate your feedback on which way you think would work best for you and your wiki, now and in the future. You can let us know on the talk page. You can write in your language. The suggestions were posted in October and we will decide after 17 January.

Thank you. /Johan (WMF)

5 Januari 2022 02.10 (WITA)


Hello! The above page was tagged for deletion and reported to global sysops. As the IP editor who created it has also made a few dozen other pages, it seems best left to local administrators. If you have the time, please take a look. Thank you for your contributions, and happy editing! Vermont (pabligbagan) 6 Januari 2022 06.55 (WITA)

Hi @Vermont:, thanks for noticing it. I would like to invite my other community team and admin, @Chinamoonroll: what should we do for this edits? I myself prefer to leave it for a while until somebody add more sentences or information to it. Thanks. Joseagush (pabligbagan) 6 Januari 2022 08.33 (WITA)
Beberapa tumbuhan memang saya ga tau bli, dari chat WA pak Bayu di group yg dulu memang ada nama pohon bengkel, kékéran, dausa, bunut dll, cuman saya kurang tau ilmiahnya, sebaiknya kita tambahkan saja bli, lumayan daripada ga ada kontributor hehehehe Chinamoonroll (pabligbagan) 7 Januari 2022 06.09 (WITA)
Nggih, matur suksma bli @Chinamoonroll indik saranne. Titiang sampun ngwalikang suratan bengkel, nambah data ring wikidata miwah gambar. Joseagush (pabligbagan) 7 Januari 2022 09.05 (WITA)

Switch aksaraUah

Bli @Joseagush:, mau nanya klo pengen tau mekanisme switch aksara dan bahasa kyk zh wiki tanya dimana ya? Aku lihat wikipedia mereka menarik banget bisa switch dari simplified ke traditional atau sebaliknya, bahkan bisa ke beberapa dialek.

Chinamoonroll (pabligbagan) 25 Juni 2022 06.05 (WITA)

Halo bli @Chinamoonroll, Sepertinya harus tanya di Phabricator, cuma ngetag siapanya yang saya kurang tau. Saya setuju sekali kalau bisa pakai sistem di Nanti kalau perlu persetujuan komunitas, info aja ya. Suksma. Joseagush (pabligbagan) 25 Juni 2022 06.35 (WITA)
Pungkuran bli, kontributor masih minim hehehe, eman klo artikel aksara balinya masih sedikit banget Chinamoonroll (pabligbagan) 25 Juni 2022 08.31 (WITA)
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