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Rahajeng rauh ring Wikipédia basa Bali! rahajĕŋ​rawuḥ​riŋ​wikipediyabasabali.


Ngiring malancaran, titiang nyantos uahan ida dané ring Wikipédia basa Bali!

Komunitas Wikimédia Dénpasar (Pasangkepan)

Nice and welcome to Balinese wiki! Joseagush (pabligbagan) 8 Juli 2022 10.12 (WITA)

@Joseagush:, can you rectify what needs to be rectified on the pages I listed on my userpage? And see also: Pabligbagan:Liv and Maddie. Brightblueskies (pabligbagan) 9 Juli 2022 10.14 (WITA)
Hi @Brightblueskies, No problem, if i have time i would like to edit it. Thanks for your contribution here. Have a nice day. Joseagush (pabligbagan) 9 Juli 2022 10.30 (WITA)

摇滚藏獒 片段2:Rock动物城 (中文字幕)Uah

You liked this Chinese rock. 20 Juli 2022 01.22 (WITA)

Thank you, it's great. However, do you know where I can watch the full movie for free? Either English dubbing or Chinese with English subtitles. In fact, I'd love to see both dubs if possible. Brightblueskies (pabligbagan) 20 Juli 2022 02.53 (WITA)
I found the movie with Chinese dub [1] and English dub [2]. In case you didn't know. I love Rock Dog too, and it's one of my favorite non-Disney animated movies (see site [3]) besides Jimmy Neutron. -- 20 Juli 2022 03.22 (WITA)

Go, Loud House Go!Uah

Look at this story you will like it. 27 Juli 2022 06.17 (WITA)