Sang anganggé niki nénten aktip malih ring Wikipédia.


As you may see, the Balinese Wikipedia has now been created, and to the best of my knowledge, all content has been imported! Congratulations! Please notify the other contributors. If you notice some content missing, please let me know, and the same if there's anything else if I could help with. Jon Harald Søby (pabligbagan) 14 Oktober 2019 21.43 (WITA)[]

Thanks mate, @Jon Harald Søby: you are awesome. I will try the Wiki first. What is the step after this? I mean, do you will delete all data in incubator? or can we still using Incubator for a while? Thanks again. Joseagush (pabligbagan) 14 Oktober 2019 21.46 (WITA)[]
Ladsgroup did the hard work, he's the one to be thanked! :D
You can start editing here immediately – the Incubator content will be locked and then deleted, I believe. I'm not 100 % up-to-date on the procedures on Incubator, but I'm pretty sure that's how it goes.
One of the first things you should do is create a village pump or discussion page, and elect one (or preferrably more) administrators, who can edit protected pages (like the pages in the MediaWiki namespace) and delete pages and block users as necessary. Jon Harald Søby (pabligbagan) 14 Oktober 2019 21.53 (WITA)[]
Yes, sending my regard to @Ladsgroup:. He is the best developer in Wikipedia.. Ok. Thank you for your info. I will try to send the message to the community and ask them to start editing. Once more. Thank you a lot. Joseagush (pabligbagan) 14 Oktober 2019 21.55 (WITA)[]
Hi @Jon Harald Søby:, one from my community can't edit or create new page. Is there any delay or lag? Also, the {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} not counting. Thanks. Joseagush (pabligbagan) 14 Oktober 2019 22.13 (WITA)[]
Hmm, do you know what error that user is getting? There has been one bug report about not being able to log in here: phab:T235446, could it be the same problem? They should be able to log in here on Incubator and then when they access they will be automatically logged in.
For this, I still not quite knew whats going on. I think the problem is in the ip address which conflict or banned. My suggestion is to create new account using different email setup in same ip address. If its still can't than its the ip address problem. Either than that, i am not sure. Joseagush (pabligbagan) 15 Oktober 2019 10.11 (WITA)[]
As for {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}}, it might take a few days for it to work properly. I noticed the same when the N'Ko Wikipedia was created, that it didn't show the right number, but after a few days it started working like it should. Special:Statistics shows the same – when that started working in the N'Ko Wikipedia, the NUMBEROFARTICLES magic word started working as it should as well. Jon Harald Søby (pabligbagan) 15 Oktober 2019 04.46 (WITA)[]
Ok. Thanks for the info. Joseagush (pabligbagan) 15 Oktober 2019 10.11 (WITA)[]
For the record, all Wikimedia wikis get their articles recounted (along with [almost?] all other statistics listed at Special:Statistics) twice a month, on the 1st and 15th of the month (at 5:39am UTC, if I recall correctly [and if it hasn't changed]). Since this wiki was created just before October 15th, its statstics were not counted until that day. - dcljr (pabligbagan) 17 Oktober 2019 10.09 (WITA)[]

Bug problem in Category pages, Visual Editor and HotCat?

@Jon Harald Søby: and @Ladsgroup:, We have some problem again and its need to fix this week because we have another wiki training this Saturday, and if this not working we must change all presentation:

  • All Category pages can access but nothing there. What's wrong? I must used {{PAGENAME}} and put it on every category code in articles to make the {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} starting to counted.
  • Visual Editor not working as it supposed. We can open it but nothing there, no text. When we try to edit it we can't save it.
  • the cite icon above is also not working.
  • HotCat fiture not working in this wiki?

Thanks again. You guys rock. Joseagush (pabligbagan) 16 Oktober 2019 14.46 (WITA)[]

Please see my reply at Pabligbagan:Kaca Utama#Comment. The article count is never affected by category links, only "regular wikilinks" (like the one in the first sentence of this comment). - dcljr (pabligbagan) 17 Oktober 2019 10.03 (WITA)[]
Just to get this on the record on this talk page (further details available at Pabligbagan:Kaca Utama#Comment): It is the mere fact that you are editing pages that is fixing the category issue (pages tagged with categories not showing up in those categories). I'm guessing the importing must have been done before the "Category:" prefix was properly localized (to "Kategori:"). Or maybe it's a more fundamental importing bug. Whatever. You definitely do not have to use a sortkey (like "|{{PAGENAME}}", which would in fact be totally equivalent to having no sortkey at all) on the category links to make the pages appear in the categories. And you also cannot make a non-article into an article by changing a category link in any way (adding, modifying, or removing). Again, if this is actually affecting the article count, it must be the mere fact that the page is being edited that is causing that to happen. Any edit to a page would presumably have the same affect — including edits that make no changes at all to the page source (null edits). Try null-editing many pages (ones that have not been edited since being imported) and see if it affects the article count (it should not — but I know it will fix the pages-not-in-categories problem). - dcljr (pabligbagan) 17 Oktober 2019 11.40 (WITA)[]
Just to clarify further: if this wiki was not configured to recognize [[Kategori:…]] as a category link (that puts a page into a category) before importing was done, then pages containing such links would not be placed into the appropriate categories as they were imported. This is what I think happened. If the wiki had been properly configured, then pages would have been properly categorized as they were imported. If the configuration is changed (to recognize "Kategori:") after pages already exist on the wiki, they are not all suddenly "rescanned" and properly categorized — that would only happen to pages individually as they are saved. That is why saving a page, even after changing nothing at all in the page's contents, causes the saved page to suddenly appear in the proper category (or categories). Fun! [wink] Now, it is possible for a maintenance script to be run to fix all the page categorization at once (I think). But it may take longer to get a sysadmin to do that for you than to simply null-edit every page on the wiki yourself. (Like I said, I can do this — or help to do this — if you can wait for a couple of days for it to happen. Let me know if you are going to start doing that yourself, so we can coordinate our efforts.) - dcljr (pabligbagan) 17 Oktober 2019 12.14 (WITA)[]
Ok. Thank you very much. Its very clear now. i will wait for a week to see what happen. This Saturday, 19th October 2019, we will held wiki training for our community here, so the wiki will be loaded with more articles, I hope. I hope doesn't make any glitch or bug. Thanks anyway. Joseagush (pabligbagan) 17 Oktober 2019 13.34 (WITA)[]

Sorting of people's names

As you know, I have been removing sortkeys from many articles here because they are unnecessary. One place where they may be needed, however, is in articles for people. In most languages/countries, people's names are sorted by last name. But some sort by first name (including those who say the family name first). Do you know how to properly sort the people in, say, Kategori:Tokoh and Kategori:Pahlawan (the latter of which I'm not sure is an appropriate category name, since it appears to mean "hero")? In particular, see this edit of mine. - dcljr (pabligbagan) 19 Oktober 2019 14.57 (WITA)[]

Thanks. Noted. Yes, Pahlawan means hero or heroes. We here used first name (including those who say the family name first). It still discussed with other communities as Balinese don't have the culture for "family name" as in Western countries. But, instead balinese or asian names, we prefer using family name first for western names. Joseagush (pabligbagan) 19 Oktober 2019 17.41 (WITA)[]

Image settings

Please see this edit of mine (note the edit summary on the right, not the one on the left). The parameter "thumb" means make it a small image floated to the right, so "right" is redundant in that case. Whether this kind of change is necessary or desired is debatable, but I prefer it myself. Also, more importantly, users can set their own preferred default thumbnail image size in their preferences (under the "Appearance" tab) — and this choice may be made for very good reasons (e.g., vision problems, using a display with much greater or lower resolution than normal, etc.) — so setting thumbnail sizes in pixels in articles is generally discouraged. The system default is 220px, but users can choose from among several sizes from 120px up to 400px. If a particular image needs to be smaller or larger than "the average" image (because it's especially short and wide, or tall and narrow, or because it contains a significant amount of detail), then the "upright" parameter can be used, which specifies a multiple by which to scale the image (by 75% if "upright" alone is used, or by a user-specified amount if "upright" is set equal to a number). See these two edits for examples. Such relative sizing works with user's preferences, while hardcoding sizes in pixels does not. Details about "upright" may be found at en:Wikipedia:Extended image syntax#Size. - dcljr (pabligbagan) 19 Oktober 2019 15.50 (WITA)[]

Thanks. Noted. So no need to make it right and 250px. Ok. Joseagush (pabligbagan) 19 Oktober 2019 17.41 (WITA)[]


Regarding this edit, please note that multiple users can be notified in a single call to {{ping}} (up to 50 of them!) and that the "User:" prefix ("Sang Anganggé:") is unnecessary when calling the template. So, in other words, you could have accomplished the same thing with the following code:

{{ping|Wirjadisastra|Wandering ant|Siti Noviali|Luh Gede Krismayanti|Kadek Ayu Sulastri|Eka343|Dcljr|Jon Harald Søby}}

Now ya know. [grin] - dcljr (pabligbagan) 20 Oktober 2019 12.14 (WITA)[]

Thanks. Need to learn a lot. Joseagush (pabligbagan) 20 Oktober 2019 12.34 (WITA)[]

Editors, Administrators and Bureaucrats

Hi @Jon Harald Søby lan Dcljr:, What is the standard for choosing Editors, Administrators and Bureaucrats? Thanks. Joseagush (pabligbagan) 25 Oktober 2019 12.19 (WITA)[]

By default, everyone is an editor (i.e., everyone can edit the wiki, unless they're on a page with some level of protection enabled on it). If you mean a "reviewer" (someone who can approve "pending changes" to an article, which apparently some wikis call "editor"), then that doesn't seem to apply here because the Flagged Revisions extension is not enabled on this wiki. As for admins and bureaucrats, it is my understanding that they should be voted into their positions by the consensus of the local wiki community (i.e., following a discussion at, say, Wikipédia:Pasangkepan). A small amount of information is available at m:Administrator and m:Bureaucrat (and m:Consensus). Much more information can be found at en:Wikipedia:Administrators and en:Wikipedia:Bureaucrats (and en:Wikipedia:Consensus), but those pages are specifically about the English Wikipedia. - dcljr (pabligbagan) 26 Oktober 2019 10.46 (WITA)[]

Delete please

Hi. Can you take a look at Mal:Basa Daérah ring Indonésia? Its a broken transclusion of a user page. Thanks, --DannyS712 (pabligbagan) 14 Nopémber 2019 10.08 (WITA)[]

  Pragat. Joseagush (pabligbagan) 14 Nopémber 2019 10.10 (WITA)[]

Lokasi Coordinate

Ampura tyang nganggen bahasa Indonesia niki, Bisa ga nanti gedung atau tamannya dibuat lokasi berdasarkan OpenStreetMap seperti di Wikipedia en, jadi bukan pushpin map. Suksma Chinamoonroll (pabligbagan) 10 Januari 2020 09.53 (WITA)[]

  Pragat bli @Chinamoonroll:, Makejang kotak inpo lokasi anggen {{Infobox mapframe}} utawi {{Maplink}}. Suksma sampun ngaryanin lan rembugan driki. Dados masih anggen basa sor yening ten ngidang anggen basa alus. Tityang masih demen yening wenten anake sane gemet nyurat aksara Bali. Conto suratan sane sampun wenten anggen aksara Bali ring Bali. Joseagush (pabligbagan) 10 Januari 2020 10.01 (WITA)[]


Bli coba ajakin Wira rhea dkk ngembangan wikipedia niki, tyang ten di Bali soalne keweh lakar kumpul2 Chinamoonroll (pabligbagan) 19 Januari 2020 18.03 (WITA)[]

Sampun bli @Chinamoonroll:, sing ngidang ye, sampun jawab. Tiang ten ngidang makse. hehehe. Warsa mangkin tiang coba kerjasama bareng Ubud Writers Festival anggen perkenalan Wikipedia Basa Bali puniki lan Komunitas Wikimedia Denpasar. Suksma bli. Tiang masih lakar ngajuang kompetisi nulis ring Wikipedia puniki apang wenten sane ngajegang basa Baline. Joseagush (pabligbagan) 19 Januari 2020 19.54 (WITA)[]

Beh mauk sajan I Wira rhea hahahahahaha,,,nggih semangat bli Chinamoonroll (pabligbagan) 19 Januari 2020 21.25 (WITA)[]

@Chinamoonroll:, wkwkwkwk. Nggih siap bli, prinsip tiang, dije gen bani. Joseagush (pabligbagan) 19 Januari 2020 21.32 (WITA)[]

e lan é

Ampura bli tiyang iwang niki sane ken patutne nganggen e lan é, tyang nunas koreksi ring sajebag artikel sane gae tyang. Suksma Chinamoonroll (pabligbagan) 21 Januari 2020 06.47 (WITA)[]

Ohh, nggih bli. Ten napi, dados uahin pedidi utawi semeton ring komunitas lakar uahin. Conto kruna é (diakritik) kaanggén ring kruna sané, e kaanggén ring conto kruna melajah. Joseagush (pabligbagan) 21 Januari 2020 09.16 (WITA)[]

Titiang Wira rhea

Ampura bli @Joseagush:, tiang sane mewasta Wira rhea. Ampura mangkin tiang ten becik mebasa Bali alus. Minab tiang berkontribusi ring sepakbola Indonesia manten, utamane Bali United F.C. lan Liga 1. Matur suksma. Wira rhea (pabligbagan) 31 Januari 2020 09.57 (WITA)[]

Halo bli @Wira rhea:, Dados anggen basa mider utawi sor bli. Ten engken yening wenten iwang. Matur suksma. Joseagush (pabligbagan) 31 Januari 2020 11.09 (WITA)[]


Misi pak, bisakah anda menerjemahkan tipe-tipe kapal berikut ke dalam bahasa Bali?

Battleship, Aviation battleship, Fast battleship, Aircraft carrier, Armored aircraft carrier, Light aircraft carrier, Submarine tender, Seaplane tender, Escort Aircraft Carrier, Heavy cruiser, Aviation cruiser, Light cruiser, Torpedo cruiser, Training cruiser, Destroyer, Destroyer Escort, Submarine, Submarine Aircraft Carrier, Repair ship, Fleet oiler, Food supply ship, Amphibious assault ship, Coastal Defense ship, Monitor ship, dan Armored cruiser.

Terima kasih. Veracious (pabligbagan) 16 Pébruari 2020 16.59 (WITA)[]

Angkat tangan dulu. Nyerah saya mas. Apa ngga sekalian minta semua artikel wiki bahasa seluruh dunia terjemahin? --Joseagush (pabligbagan) 16 Pébruari 2020 17.09 (WITA)[]

Ah... anda sepertinya kurang paham maksud saya... saya tidak meminta anda menerjemahkan artikel. Maaf, akan saya coba bikin lebih simpel. Saya akan minta tolong anda untuk menerjemahkan kalimat berikut ini:

  • USS Fletcher adalah salah satu kapal perusak kelas Fletcher milik Angkatan laut Amerika Serikat yang terlibat dalam Perang Dunia II.
  • Kapal ini dibangun oleh Federal Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company di Kearny, New Jersey; dan disponsori oleh F. F. Fletcher.
  • Kapal ini dinyatakan siap bertugas pada tanggal 3 Mei 1942 dibawah komando William M. Cole.
  • Kapal ini dinamai dari Laksamana Frank Friday Fletcher.
  • Kapal ini lolos perang dunia, dan dibongkar pada 22 Februari 1972.
  • Kapal ini tenggelam pada tanggal 22 Februari 1972, dekat Surigao.

Dengan menerjemahkan 6 kalimat diatas, saya akan buatkan sekitar 30+ artikel stub untuk anda. Saya hanya ingin ikut berkontribusi disini. Terima kasih. Veracious (pabligbagan) 19 Pébruari 2020 22.42 (WITA)[]

Wow @Veracious:, saya yang minta maaf kalau begitu atas kelancangan saya dengan cepat membuat asumsi. Saya benar2 sedang lelah ketika itu harus mempersiapkan kerjasama dengan pihak palmleaf. Matur suksma. Nanti saya bahas dengan komunitas terkait ini. Joseagush (pabligbagan) 19 Pébruari 2020 23.41 (WITA)[]
Sampun wenten niki bli @Veracious:, kirang langkung sinampura yening wenten sane iwang.
  • USS Fletcher adalah salah satu kapal perusak kelas Fletcher milik Angkatan laut Amerika Serikat yang terlibat dalam Perang Dunia II.
    USS Fletcher inggih punika silih tunggil kapal perusak kelas Fletcher druen Angkatan laut Amerika Serikat sane nyarengin Perang Dunia II.
  • Kapal ini dibangun oleh Federal Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company di Kearny, New Jersey; dan disponsori oleh F. F. Fletcher.
    Kapal puniki kakaryanin olih Federal Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company di Kearny, New Jersey; miwah disponsori olih F. F. Fletcher.
  • Kapal ini dinyatakan siap bertugas pada tanggal 3 Mei 1942 dibawah komando William M. Cole.
    Kapal puniki sampun siap matugas ring pinanggal 3 Mei 1942 ring sor komando William M. Cole.
  • Kapal ini dinamai dari Laksamana Frank Friday Fletcher.
    Kapal punika ngamolihang wasta/aran saking Laksamana Frank Friday Fletcher.
  • Kapal ini lolos perang dunia, dan dibongkar pada 22 Februari 1972.
    Kapal puniki lolos yuda buana, lan karugrag ring 22 Pebruari 1972.
  • Kapal ini tenggelam pada tanggal 22 Februari 1972, dekat Surigao.
    Kapal puniki keleb ring pinanggal 22 Pebruari 1972, paek Surigao.

Matur suksma. Joseagush (pabligbagan) 9 Juli 2020 16.13 (WITA)[]

Fair use image

Hi, I came across this image. Don't we need to put in a EDP in place before we can use fair use images --Nintendofan885T&Cs apply 19 Méi 2020 04.35 (WITA)[]

Hi @Nintendofan885:, thanks for the info. I am not aware and doesn't knew about the regulation before, I used it from as examples for 2 new articles to show the infobox running ok. I think it will need community vote also. But for now I will not upload any new fair use images. Thanks Joseagush (pabligbagan) 19 Méi 2020 09.49 (WITA)[]
Hi @Nintendofan885:, the vote for using fair use images already created in this page Wikipédia:Pasangkepan#Fair_use_image. Thank you. Joseagush (pabligbagan) 8 Juni 2020 14.12 (WITA)[]

The Fox and the Hound

I wrote more text about The Fox and the Hound, but most of it I could only write in Indonesian and/or Malay. The page was better in Malay than Indonesian is why I choose to use Malay Wikipedia's text. However, it is best in English Wikipedia. If possible, could you correct the page and possibly add to it based on English or Indonesian? Thank you. 2600:1700:53F0:AD70:248C:3668:2221:8C17 19 Juni 2020 03.10 (WITA)[]

Hi, this is Balinese Wikipedia, I would delete the page as it is not written in Balinese. Better you can write in Malay Wikipedia. Thank you for your attention. Joseagush (pabligbagan) 19 Juni 2020 08.32 (WITA)[]
But I was asking for translation because I thought the page deserved more content. I reverted my own additions since I'd rather them be stubs than deleted entirely. However, can you expand the pages, or do you not have any interest in them? And if not you, what about anyone else? 2600:1700:53F0:AD70:E8E8:99B4:95AC:15A5 19 Juni 2020 10.21 (WITA)[]
So you mean to translate it to Balinese right? Ok. I will let it until someone translate it for you. Thanks. Joseagush (pabligbagan) 19 Juni 2020 10.29 (WITA)[]
If that's the case, who can translate it? I decided to stick to stubs in Balinese. If you know who could expand them, could you tell me? I appreciate it. 2600:1700:53F0:AD70:E8E8:99B4:95AC:15A5 19 Juni 2020 11.10 (WITA)[]
You can ask @Carma citrawati, Kadek Ayu Sulastri, Siti Noviali, Luh Gede Krismayanti, Chinamoonroll, I gede gita purnama, lan Anggabuana:. I am not fluent in Balinese either as here just become sysop to maintain technical only. Thanks Joseagush (pabligbagan) 19 Juni 2020 11.15 (WITA)[]
How to Train Your Dragon is linked to the wrong Wikidata page. The page link needs to be moved to d:Q373096. 22 Juni 2020 06.43 (WITA)[]
  Pragat. Joseagush (pabligbagan) 22 Juni 2020 09.45 (WITA)[]

Mal:Cerita animasi layar lebar Disney

Please make another ticket like this so its not confused. On Mal:Cerita animasi layar lebar Disney, the former name was actually closer to the translation of the original English name of the template (Template:Disney theatrical animated features). What I don't know is why it was moved in Indonesian Wikipedia. Can it be moved back? Also, Mal:Ron Clements dan John Musker is using the Indonesian title of the template, which is a translation of the English title of the template (Template:Ron Clements and John Musker). Shouldn't it be translated?

One thing I don't know is if it should be "lan" for "and", or "miwah". I've seen "miwah" on several pages, but I don't know which one is right or not. If it's in fact "miwah", should that be changed on other articles? Finally, Mal:Tcmdb title seems incorrect as well, because in English it's named Template:TCMDb title. Mal:Rotten tomatoes is the same way, because the template is named Template:Rotten Tomatoes in English. 2600:1700:53F0:AD70:A069:7764:C50D:6E27 22 Juni 2020 10.37 (WITA)[]

First, please make user account so i can talk to. Second, Use separated ticket or titles each one you make any talks. Third, rather than talking here, you can also contribute to Wikidata to moved (gingsirang) that templates. Fourth, Balinese has multiples words for one meaning as you can see for "and" you can use "lan" or "miwah", its same meaning. Even just for word "eat" you can say "medaar", "ngerayunang", "neda", "nyakan", its different for each context, etc. Fifth, I just make the interwiki as same as the english or Indonesia languages to make it quick so if there is mistakes you can revised it. Sixth, I create it quick and need a bunch of time to do it coz i am busy to work also so many templates, modules, articles still not yet translated nor created. Thanks. Joseagush (pabligbagan) 22 Juni 2020 10.50 (WITA)[]

WP namespace redirect

Should we create the WP namespace as a namespace redirect to the Wikipedia namespace as at the moment there is pages called WP: that are in the mainspace when they should be in the Wikipedia namespace (other Wikipedias have done this) -- Nintendofan885T&Cs apply 21 Juni 2020 20.20 (WITA)[]

Yups, but i am not sure where to create this, can you create it? Thanks. Joseagush (pabligbagan) 21 Juni 2020 20.25 (WITA)[]

@Joseagush: See phab:T255941 -- Nintendofan885T&Cs apply 21 Juni 2020 21.53 (WITA)[]

@Nintendofan885:, Thanks. or in our language, matur suksma. Joseagush (pabligbagan) 21 Juni 2020 22.18 (WITA)[]

Uploading images

I can't seem to upload images locally here, and I don't know if it's allowed. But several pages including the ones I've edited all have red linked images, such as red linked movie posters. Should they be uploaded elsewhere on Commons or here locally? I made this account per the recommendation before. I'm also making this a separate section from the other two ticket titles (one about The Fox and the Hound, another about the Disney template). TheCityStars (pabligbagan) 8 Juli 2020 03.32 (WITA)[]

Hi @TheCityStars:, yes it is not yet allowed to upload images locally here, you must do that in Commons. We still try to know why we can't do that locally. Thanks Joseagush (pabligbagan) 8 Juli 2020 08.49 (WITA)[]


Halo, saya lihat anda menjalankan bot user:Joseagush-bot. Sebaiknya, Anda membuat permohonan status bot di meta agar aktivitas bot Anda tidak "menuh-menuhin" halaman Special:RecentChanges. Blue Sonic (pabligbagan) 20 Agustus 2020 21.44 (WITA)[]

Maaf @Blue Sonic:, saya tidak begitu mengerti caranya. Silahkan bantu diajukan. Terima kasih. Bot tersebut dijalankan menggunakan AWB. Joseagush (pabligbagan) 25 Agustus 2020 21.33 (WITA)[]
Perlu persetujuan dari komunitas agar dapat berjalan (itu memang kebijakan Meta), mungkin bisa dengan voting di Wikipedia:Pasangkepan. Blue Sonic (pabligbagan) 25 Agustus 2020 21.38 (WITA)[]
Saya sudah buat tempat voting di Wikipedia:Pasangkepan. Semoga berhasil  

. Blue Sonic (pabligbagan) 25 Agustus 2020 21.54 (WITA)[]

Bot sudah diberikan status bot. Bot sudah boleh dijalankan. Blue Sonic (pabligbagan) 10 Séptémber 2020 10.20 (WITA)[]


Hello, can you protect this page, please? There will surely be a lot of use and passing on this "Mal".  

Eihel (pabligbagan) 25 Agustus 2020 17.46 (WITA)[]

ps. Do you have an account like w:en:User:Example or w:fr:Utilisateur:Jean Durand here? —Eihel (pabligbagan) 25 Agustus 2020 17.49 (WITA)[]
  Pragat. for the account i just try to use Thanks. Joseagush (pabligbagan) 25 Agustus 2020 18.12 (WITA)[]

Infobox element

Bli, untuk kotak info unsur bagaimana kalau kita pakai yg versi blok seperti yg di enwiki saja bli? Supaya ada perbedaan dengan Mal:Tabél périodik (navbox)? Core perubahan warnanya sih disini Mal:Periodic table (32 columns, micro)/elementcell

Chinamoonroll (pabligbagan) 4 Méi 2021 12.22 (WITA)[]

  Cumpu Dados! Antuk parameternya ipun sane ganti nggih, tiang kurang paham. Joseagush (pabligbagan) 4 Méi 2021 12.52 (WITA)[]
Yang Mal:Infobox element/element navigation belum bisa bli, gara2 1 tanda spasi....hahahaha, pusing dari tadi nge-trace nyari tanda spasi 1 Chinamoonroll (pabligbagan) 4 Méi 2021 16.24 (WITA)[]
Wkwkwk, aku juga pusing, sempat coba yang juga tidak berhasil. Ya memang harus coba2, namanya belajar. Joseagush (pabligbagan) 4 Méi 2021 16.30 (WITA)[]
  Pragat Berhasil! Joseagush (pabligbagan) 4 Méi 2021 17.02 (WITA)[]
Itu kurang apa ya bli? Penasaran Hahahaha. (pabligbagan) 5 Méi 2021 07.45 (WITA)[]
Yang template category {{Infobox element/symbol-to-category}} ini sepertinya. Joseagush (pabligbagan) 5 Méi 2021 07.50 (WITA)[]

BintangWiki Perintis

  BintangWiki Perintis

BintangWiki Perintis puniki kaanugerahin mawit rasa hormat ring Joseagush sané sampun ngaé kontribusi sané berharga ring Wikipédia basa Bali. Ring galah anugerah puniki, Sang anganggé puniki sampun ngarintis 1.000 suratan utawi luwih. Dumadak suratan sané sampun kasuratin dados wibaga penting anggén pangembangan Wikipédia dados énsiklopédia paling kapracayain.

Kajotang olih:
Chinamoonroll (pabligbagan) 18 Méi 2021 07.06 (WITA)[]