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[[Berkas:YouTube Logo 2017.svg|thumb|250px|right|YouTube]]
| name = YouTube
| logo = YouTube Logo 2017.svg
| logo_size = 200px
| logo_alt = The YouTube logo is made of a red round-rectangular box with a white "play" button inside and the word "YouTube" written in black.
| screenshot = YouTube homepage.png
| company_type = [[Subsidiary]]
| type = [[Video hosting service]]
| founded = {{start date and age|2005|2|14}}
| location = 901 Cherry Avenue<br>[[San Bruno, California]]
| country = United States
| area_served = Worldwide (excluding [[censorship of YouTube|blocked countries]])
| founder = {{ubl|[[Chad Hurley]]|[[Steve Chen]]|[[Jawed Karim]]}}
| key_people = [[Susan Wojcicki]] ([[CEO]])
| industry = {{ubl|[[Internet]]|[[Video hosting service]]}}
| products = [[YouTube Premium]]<br>[[YouTube Music]]<br>[[YouTube TV]]<br>[[YouTube Kids]]
| revenue = {{USD|15 billion}} (2019)<ref name="verge 15b"/>
| parent = [[Google LLC]] (2006–present)
| url = {{URL||}}<br>(see [[#Localization|list of localized domain names]])
| content_license = Uploader holds copyright (standard license); [[Creative Commons]] can be selected.
| programming_language = [[Python (programming language)|Python]] (core/API),<ref>{{cite web |last1=Claburn |first1=Thomas |title=Google's Grumpy code makes Python Go |url= |website=The Register |access-date=September 16, 2017 |language=en |date=January 5, 2017}}</ref> [[C (programming language)|C]] (through [[CPython]]), [[C++]], [[Java (programming language)|Java]] (through [[Guice]] platform),<ref>{{cite web |first=Jesse |last=Wilson |title=Guice Deuce |url= |website=Official Google Code Blog |date=May 19, 2009 |access-date=March 25, 2017}}</ref><ref>{{cite web |url= |title=YouTube Architecture |publisher= High Scalability|access-date=October 13, 2014}}</ref> [[Go (programming language)|Go]],<ref>{{cite web |title=Golang Vitess: a database wrapper written in Go as used by Youtube |url=|date=October 23, 2018}}</ref> [[JavaScript]] (UI)
| advertising = Google [[AdSense]]
| registration = {{Collapsible list
| titlestyle = font-weight:normal; text-align:left; background-color:transparent
| title = Optional
| Not required to watch most videos; required for certain tasks such as uploading videos, viewing flagged (18+) videos, creating playlists, liking or disliking videos, and posting comments
| launched = {{start date and age|2005|02|14}}
| current_status = Active
'''YouTube''' (Aksara Bali: ᬬᬸᬢᬸᬧ᭄) inggih punika silih tunggil ''situs web ''kaanggén ngemagiang video majeng anak sané lianan. YouTube kakaryanin olih tigang ''mantan'' karyawan inggih punika Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, miwah Jawed Karim, ring Pébruari warsa [[2005]]. Ring youtube punika dados ngunggahang, ngatonin, tur ngemagiang video. Perusahaan punika madué kantor ring San Bruno, [[California]], tur nganggén ''teknologi'' Adobe Flash Video miwah HTML5 antuk mangenahang sakancan konten video sané kakaryanin oleh sang sané nganggén utawi ''kreator''. Ring [[Nopémber]], YouTube, LCC katumbas olih [[Google]] aji 65 miliar tur ngawitin dados perusahaan sané magenah ring sor perusahaan Google. Video sané pinih pertama ring youtube inggih punika mamurda ''Me at the zoo''. Video puniki kamedalang ring tanggal [[23 April]] warsa 2005, tur kayun wénten ring youtube nyantos mangkin.<ref>'''^''' Hopkins, Jim (October 11, 2006). "Surprise! There's a third YouTube co-founder". ''USA Today''. Diakses tanggal Méi, 2019.</ref>