Bina pantaraning révisi "Pabligbagan Sang Anganggé:Joseagush"

Cihna: Uahan wit 2017
: Hi {{Ping|Nintendofan885}}, thanks for the info. I am not aware and doesn't knew about the regulation before, I used it from as examples for 2 new articles to show the infobox running ok. I think it will need community vote also. But for now I will not upload any new fair use images. Thanks [[Sang Anganggé:Joseagush|Joseagush]] ([[Pabligbagan Sang Anganggé:Joseagush|pabligbagan]]) 19 Méi 2020 09.49 (WITA)
::Hi {{Ping|Nintendofan885}}, the vote for using fair use images already created in this page [[Wikipédia:Pasangkepan#Fair_use_image]]. Thank you. [[Sang Anganggé:Joseagush|Joseagush]] ([[Pabligbagan Sang Anganggé:Joseagush|pabligbagan]]) 8 Juni 2020 14.12 (WITA)
== The Fox and the Hound ==
I wrote more text about [[The Fox and the Hound]], but most of it I could only write in Indonesian and/or Malay. The page was better in Malay than Indonesian is why I choose to use Malay Wikipedia's text. However, it is best in [[en:The Fox and the Hound|English Wikipedia]]. If possible, could you correct the page and possibly add to it based on English or Indonesian? Thank you. [[Kusus:Kontribusi pengguna/2600:1700:53F0:AD70:248C:3668:2221:8C17|2600:1700:53F0:AD70:248C:3668:2221:8C17]] 19 Juni 2020 03.10 (WITA)