Bina pantaraning révisi "Pabligbagan Sang Anganggé:Dcljr"

nénten wénten ringkesan uahan
(found it, but not what you need; note missed test-wiki prefixes)
: I started to make a list somewhere… I can't remember where I was doing that. I'll ping you if I find it. - [[Sang Anganggé:Dcljr|dcljr]] ([[Pabligbagan Sang Anganggé:Dcljr|pabligbagan]]) 19 Oktober 2019 11.22 (WITA)
:: {{ping|Jon Harald Søby}} OK, nevermind. I found it, but it's a ''huge'' list of mostly minor formatting issues, almost all of which require a human to deal with, so you probably wouldn't be interested in it (if you want to take a look, it's at [[gom:User:Dcljr#Problems to check for]]). But while I have your attention: I have found a few lingering test-wiki prefixes in category links that weren't caught by your script presumably because of their nonstandard case: [[Special:Diff/28929|1st]], [[Special:Diff/28930|2nd]], [[Special:Diff/28931|3rd]].
:::Thanks! Yeah, in the script I chose to ignore those prefixes that were in different cases, etc, but when I think some more about it there's really no good reason why. My logic was that those links wouldn't have worked in Incubator in the first place, but if removing them can fix it then why not do it? I'll fix that in the script. [[Sang Anganggé:Jon Harald Søby|Jon Harald Søby]] ([[Pabligbagan Sang Anganggé:Jon Harald Søby|pabligbagan]]) 19 Oktober 2019 19.08 (WITA)