Britania Agung: Bina pantaraning révisi

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nénten wénten ringkesan uahan
anénten wénten ringkesan uahan
Cihna: Uahan wit 2017
anénten wénten ringkesan uahan
Cihna: Uahan wit 2017
|image_flag = Flag of the United Kingdom.svg
|alt_flag = A flag composed of a red cross edged in white and superimposed on a red saltire, also edged in white, superimposed on a white saltire on a blue background
|other_symbol = [[FileBerkas:Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom.svg|x100px]][[FileBerkas:Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom (Scotland).svg|x100px]]
|other_symbol_type = [[Royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom|Royal coats of arms]]
|national_anthem = "[[God Save the Queen]]"<ref>{{Cite web|date=15 January 2016|title=National Anthem|url=|access-date=4 June 2016|website=Official web site of the British Royal Family}}</ref>
<br /><div style="display:inline-block;margin-top:0.4em;">[[FileBerkas:United States Navy Band - God Save the Queen.ogg]]</div>
|image_map = {{Switcher|[[FileBerkas:Europe-UK (orthographic projection).svg|frameless]]|Show globe|[[FileBerkas:Europe-UK.svg|upright=1.15|frameless]]|Show map of Europe|[[FileBerkas: United Kingdom (+overseas territories and crown dependencies) in the World (+Antarctica claims).svg|frameless|upright=1.15]]|Show overseas territories and Crown dependencies|default=1}}
|map_caption = {{map_caption|countryprefix=the|location_color=dark green|region=Europe|region_color=dark grey}}
|capital = [[London]]
|religion_year = [[United Kingdom Census 2011|2011]]<ref name="ReligionUNdata">{{Cite web|title=UNdata {{!}} record view {{!}} Population by religion, sex and urban/rural residence|url=;countryCode:826&c=2,3,6,8,10,12,14,15,16&s=_countryEnglishNameOrderBy:asc,refYear:desc,areaCode:asc&v=1|access-date=13 October 2018|}}</ref><ref name="Philby">{{Cite news|last=Philby|first=Charlotte|date=12 December 2012|title=Less religious and more ethnically diverse: Census reveals a picture of Britain today|work=[[The Independent]]|location=London|url=}}</ref>
|demonym = {{hlist|British|Briton|Brit (colloquial)}}
|government_type = [[negari unitér|Unitér]]{{efn|AlthoughMeskipun theInggris UnitedRaya Kingdomsecara hastradisional traditionallydipandang beensebagai seennegara as a unitary statekesatuan, andeskripsi alternativealternatif descriptionInggris of the UK as asebagai "unionnegara stateserikat", put forwarddikemukakan byoleh, amongantara otherslain, [[Vernon Bogdanor]],<ref>{{cite book |first1=Jonathan |last1=Bradbury |title= Constitutional Policy and Territorial Politics in the UK: Volume 1: Union and Devolution 1997-2012 |url= |publisher=Policy Press |date=2021 |isbn=978-1-5292-0588-6 |pages=19–20}}</ref> hasdan becometelah increasinglymenjadi influentialsemakin sinceberpengaruh thesejak adoptionadopsi ofdevolusi devolutionpada in the 1990s1990-an.<ref>{{cite book|first1=Murray Stewart |last1=Leith |title=Political Discourse and National Identity in Scotland |url= |publisher=Edinburgh University Press |date=2012 |isbn=978-0-7486-8862-3|page=39}}</ref> ASebuah unionnegara stateserikat isdianggap consideredberbeda todari differnegara fromkesatuan adalam unitaryhal statemempertahankan inotoritas thatpusat, whileia itjuga maintainsmengakui ahak-hak centralotoritas authoritybersejarah itdan also recognises the authority of historic rights and infrastructures of itsbagian-bagian componentkomponen partsinfrastrukturnya.<ref>{{cite book|first1=Alain-G. |last1=Gagnon |first2=James |last2=Tully |title=Multinational Democracies |url= |publisher=Cambridge University Press |date=2001 |isbn=978-0-521-80473-8 |page=47}}</ref><ref>{{cite book |first1=Vernon |last1=Bogdanor |editor-first=Jack |editor-last=Beatson |chapter=Devolution: the Constitutional Aspects |title=Constitutional Reform in the United Kingdom: Practice and Principles |chapter-url= |publisher=Hart Publishing |location= Oxford |date=1998 |isbn=978-1-901362-84-8 |page=18}}</ref>}} [[sistem parleménter|parleménter]]<br />[[monarki konstitusional]]
|leader_title1 = [[Monarki Britania Agung|Monarch]]
|leader_name1 = [[Elizabeth II]]